Interface GraalVMExtension

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    public interface GraalVMExtension
    This is the entry point for configuring GraalVM relative features provided by this plugin.
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      • getTestSupport

        org.gradle.api.provider.Property<java.lang.Boolean> getTestSupport()
        Determines if test support is active. This can be used to disable automatic test support, especially in cases where the test framework doesn't allow testing within a native image.
      • getGeneratedResourcesDirectory

        org.gradle.api.file.DirectoryProperty getGeneratedResourcesDirectory()
      • getBinaries

        org.gradle.api.NamedDomainObjectContainer<NativeImageOptions> getBinaries()
        Returns the native image configurations used to generate images. By default, this plugin creates two images, one called "main" for the main application and another one called "test" for tests.
      • binaries

        void binaries​(org.gradle.api.Action<? super org.gradle.api.NamedDomainObjectContainer<NativeImageOptions>> spec)
        Configures the native image options.
      • registerTestBinary

        void registerTestBinary​(java.lang.String name,
                                org.gradle.api.Action<? super GraalVMExtension.TestBinaryConfig> spec)
        Registers a new native image binary with testing support.
        spec - the test image configuration