The Native Build Tools project provides plugins for different build tools to add support for building and testing native applications written in Java (or any other language compiled to JVM bytecode).

Most notably, this is the official source for integrating with the GraalVM native-image tool.

Please refer to the following pages for build tool specific documentation:

If you are interested in contributing, please refer to our Git repository.


Release 0.9.5

This release contains, in preparation for supporting more images in the Gradle plugin:

  • The nativeBuild and nativeTest extensions are now deprecated. A top-level container for configuring native images has been introduced. Instead of:

nativeBuild {
   verbose = true

you need to use:

graalvmNative {
  binaries {
    main {
      verbose = true

and instead of:

nativeTest {

you need to use:

graalvmNative {
  binaries {
    test {
      verbose = true
  • The nativeBuild task has been renamed to nativeCompile.

  • The nativeTestBuild task has been renamed to nativeTestCompile.

Both nativeBuild and nativeTestBuild task invocations are still supported but deprecated and will be removed in a future release.

Release 0.9.4

This release works around a limitation for Windows users who encounter an issue with long classpath entries on CLI: the Gradle plugin will now automatically handle this problem by creating a fat jar instead of passing all entries on classpath (this behavior can be disabled) if needed). Maven users will have to configure their build differently to use shading.

In addition to this, we’re now publishing development snapshots of this plugin. For Gradle, you will need to declare this repository in your settings.gradle(.kts) file:

pluginManagement {
    plugins {
        id 'org.graalvm.buildtools.native' version '0.9.5-SNAPSHOT'
    repositories {
        maven {
            url ""

For Maven, you need to use this repository configuration:

        <name>GraalVM native-build-tools Snapshots</name>

Release 0.9.3

This release contains:

  • Fix for mainClass not being optional (Gradle plugin)

  • Fix for Gradle < 7 failing to determine GraalVM toolchain

  • Gradle plugin now registers proper groups

  • Automatic native-image tool fetching via gu (Gradle plugin)

  • FIxed issue where nativeTest would fail when tests are annotated with Timeout

  • Added a sharedLibrary configuration option for Gradle plugin

  • Removed broken server configuration option from Gradle plugin

  • Added a documentation website with proper CI integration

In addition to those improvements, several behind-the-scenes changes were made:

  • Introduced "Dockerless" Maven plugin functional testing

  • Parallelized Gradle testing in CI

  • Replaced groovy-json with jackson-databind for JSON handling

  • Fixed Github Actions syntax to enable manual workflow invoking

Release 0.9.2

This release contains:

  • Revamped Gradle plugin that is now a lot more idiomatic.

  • Fixes for several issues regarding JUnit testing.

  • Removal of Test Discovery mode from the Maven plugin.

  • Fix for Maven creating empty test images when no tests are present.

  • Added support for Kotlin tests in Gradle.

In addition to those improvements, several behind-the-scenes changes were made in order to ensure better compatibility moving forward:

  • Test coverage has been greatly improved for all subprojects.

  • Build tooling for this repository has been improved significantly.

Note that there has been a breaking change in the Gradle plugin - persistConfig configuration option was removed. Using said option will cause existing builds to break, so users are advised to remove it from their configuration prior to upgrading. System property -DpersistConfig will have no effect going forward.

Release 0.9.1

This release contains:

  • Fixes for most of the known issues regarding Gradle and Maven plugins

  • Massively improved automatic JUnit support as well as initial JUnit Vintage support

  • Improved JavaDoc and tests for the Gradle plugin

Release 0.9.0

Initial release